Who are we?

“Bawabbet El-Midan" (Square Gate) is an online portal that is designed to be a space where we get to know each other, the initiatives, projects and activities we are working on in order to collaborate and support each other. Not only that, “Bawabbet El-Midan" will also be our common space where we will try to live and adopt the values that we missed a lot.

For this space to be safe and different, we have to guarantee the respect for our differences whether in terms of ideology, religion, gender, age or social standard. We also have to decide how we are going to manage these differences. This invited us to respond to a number of questions, including a very important one: will we show or hide? In other words, will we show these differences or better hide it? And our response in El-Midan was not only that we are going to show it, no, moreover we have decided to celebrate it too, because it is a reality and we need to learn how to deal with it instead of hiding it, escaping it or trying to bury it!

To do that, we are going to ask everyone what year he/she was born in to recognize which generation he/she belongs to, male or female, Muslim Christian or Atheist, and ideology; later we might ask you to tell us your social class.

Of course everyone is free is to mention and show what he/she is comfortable with, but we encourage you to tell everyone about what you belong to and celebrate our differences, communicate with each other and build bridges of trust between each other, because we all, no matter what we belong to, agree on the crucial value of acceptance and respect to the other.

Is it possible for “Bawabbet El-Midan" to be a space where we ensure to ourselves that our differences are sources of richness? And that any conflict occurs, is a real opportunity for us to grow, transcend, build consensus, and find creative solutions out of our experiences and based upon our differences? We will see


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