Future Guardians (7omat el mostakbal)

Founded Year: 
Social sector
Future Guardians (7omat el mostakbal) is one of the projects of Life Makers Foundation (Sona' Al Haya).The Project aims to spread awareness against Smoking and Drugs .Drug addiction is one of the most serious and common issues not only in Egypt but in the whole world.Therefore we established Future Guardians Project in order to protect Our Future and the next generation from the dangers of Drugs and Smoking .We want the next generations to reject them as well.The program had many accomplishments since it started ;

1-"Hemaya (Protection) Campaign 2008" which was sponsored by UNODC - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and we succeeded to direct 7000 drug addicts to treatment centers in only 5 Weeks.
2- Spreading awareness among 1865 students in 48 schools and colleges.
3-Awareness in 17 social clubs and youth centers reached to 1186 persons.
4- Organizing about 17 symposiums
5- Awareness in 338 Mosques reached approximately 23.728 persons.

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