Al-Masry Club

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Al-Masry Sporting Club is pleased to present to its supporters and football lovers of the world its official page on Facebook in the hope that this will produce open and constructive discussions, whilst considering basic rules of good manners and respect.
Al-Masry and the Facebook page moderators will moderate all content on the page in order to avoid offensive messages that will be deleted (vulgar language, offensive comments, racist comments, political and religious references, violent phrases, spam, links to external websites, commercial initiatives).
Abuses of these rules by others can be identified and reported directly to Facebook by clicking ‘Flag as offensive' on the side of the comment.

Founded in 1920, Al-Masry is the one of the popular football teams in Egypt and the most loved in its city Port Said with more than one million fans in Egypt. Al-Masry was founded by a group of Egyptians in Port Said aiming at asserting the national identity of the people of the city after the Egyptian Revolution of 1919 to be the first club for the Egyptians in the city and the whole region of the Suez Canal which was full of many other clubs for the foreign communities which inhabited it at that time. The club was one of the founders of the Egyptian football federation in 1921 and participated in the Egyptian league since its inception in 1948