Founded Year: 
Social sector
Entity Type: 
Non Governmental Association

The Career & Entrepreneurship Development Office (CEDO), an incubated project at Nahdet El Mahrousa (NM), a youth-led Egyptian NGO, serves students of seven faculties at Cairo University (Engineering, Agriculture, Arts, Computer Science, Urban Planning, Science, and Mass Communication).

The CEDO works on bridging the gap between the outcomes of the educational system and needed input for the job market. The office provides a fair chance to youth for capacity building, empowerment, and career advancement.

Vision & Mission

To contribute to economic growth, prosperity and fulfilling young people’s potential through providing necessary services of skill development and technical assistance for employment and supporting enterprise Start-ups.

CEDO Objectives

• Create a sustainable structure and mechanism for student development, career advising, and placement;
• Ensure a supply of qualified graduates to the job market; Create a new generation of business leaders by fostering a culture of innovation & entrepreneurship; and
• Contribute to facing unemployment by addressing the scarcity of employable youth.

CEDO Services

The CEDO provides 2 main services:

1. Training and Capacity Building
• Cross cultural activities
• Training programs (soft skills programs –technical programs – language courses)
• Entrepreneurship (courses, technical & legal assistance and project incubation)
• Career development and entrepreneurship library
• Scholarship announcements
• Site visits
• Knowledge sharing workshops

2. Job Placement
• Career counseling
• Job announcements
• Internship programs (internally and abroad)
• Employment fairs
• Recruitment services for corporations

Getting Started

The private sector’s employment growth rate has been quite rapid creating a demand for skilled labour. Expectations of employers have increased beyond what the educational system is providing. Students are now expected to work on advancing their skills, gaining experience and getting exposed to real life challenges.

This is where the CEDO comes in!

Our office helps both university students and graduates to develop their careers, identify their strength and weaknesses and guide them to start working on them. Our team ensures that students and graduates attain their career goals and dreams and meet the private sectors’ rising expectations

Become One of our Partners:

Help prepare the Egyptian youth to foster careers and secure a place in today’s competitive job market.

You can become a sponsor or partner through different ways; providing work placement opportunities, volunteering to share your experience and knowledge to students during a showcase event or workshop, sponsoring training programs, granting internship opportunities, announcing your vacancies, or be one of our premium project sponsors.

Invest in building the capacity of the Egyptian youth and help us introduce young professionals to the job market. Your support will help the CEDO provide high quality services and assist more students and alumni to be equipped with key employability skills.

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