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Private sector
www.Yadaweya.com | Online Fair Trade Handmade Gifts & Crafts from Egyptian Artisans. Tel: +201271397757. Egypt, Qena, Naqada

Connect the offline egyptian artisans communities with the Online customers Worldwide.

Company Overview

Welcome to Yadaweya.com | Online Fair Trade Handmade Gifts & Crafts from Egyptian Artisans. Yadaweya aims to add value to Egyptian handicraft production and the marketing of such products by being the first online fair trade store for local handicrafts in the country. Yadaweya’s target is not just to sell handicrafts but the team also hopes to educate people and raise awareness about handicraft communities in Egypt.


Our online platform brings to customers the diversity of handicraft treasures and the relevant artisan stories pertaining to them. Our first handmade collections come from 15 different regions and communities in Egypt: Nuba in Aswan, Sinai, Shalateen from Red sea, Naqada and Hagaza from Qena, Siwa, Sohag, Fayoum, Old Cairo and Delta region.
Our online marketing platform presents the artisans’ crafts and shares their stories with customers; customers can buy exclusive Egyptian artisanal products while also learning about the artisans and communities that produce these products. We believe that our artisans’ network will extend to cover all of Egypt’s artisanal communities.

0127 139 7757