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Jelena Nikolic

Jelena is from Serbia, and completed her studies in Communications at Singidunum Belgrade University.  She lived in Greece, where she studied the Greek language, and this has led her to her present job as a teacher of the Greek language at the Belgrade Faculty of Media and Communications.  Greece was also a perfect place to enjoy painting and cooking Mediterranean cuisine.  Her travels abroad gave her the motivation to study different cultures and interpersonal communications. Jelena is interested in the chance to further “understand the nature of human relations, how to improve these relations, and to find the way to maintain good will among the people who have been hurt by constant conflicts.”  She is eager to contribute to solving conflicts and disputes in her country, and she believes that participation in CSP will give her the chance to understand the nature of human relations and methods of improving and maintaining these relations.  She also writes for a prominent newspaper in Belgrade.