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Zoryana Borbulevych

Zoryana comes from Ukraine and now she is a trainer at the International NGO “Foundations for Freedom”, as well as she is the main trainer of the project “Politically active youth build a social and just city“ at the Fridriech Ebert Foundation in Ukraine and Belarus. She has been part of the core-team in the program “Ukrainian actions: healing the past,” leading a group of young professional on the outreach all over Ukraine, including the Autonomic Republic of Crimea. She said, “Coming from a developing country with the defensive nationalism in the West, the indifference in the East,  the melting pot of ethnic minorities in the South, and based in a region with a history of domination and resistance, made me realize the contemporary issues in Ukraine cannot be tackled through only one approach.  I’ve gained a lot of “real world” experience, but I need more training which would help me synthesize it and sharpen my skills.”  She hopes CSP can make her more competent in her future work. She likes singing in the church choir as well as contemporary dancing.