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Arber Fetiu

Arber has dual nationality in both Kosovo and Canada.  A graduate of Laval University with a Master’s degree in Political Science and a Bachelor’s in International Relations, he speaks fluent Albanian (native), French, English and Turkish, as well as intermediary Arabic and Serbo-Croatian. Arber, with his deep faith as a Muslim, has been concentrating on the well being of the world. He has participated in many activities and projects, including “Talk for Tomorrow” and “Young Foreign Minister of Canada,” at "G8/G20 World Youth Summit" and is working on initiating his own NGO in Kosovo, the Association for a Sustainable Education.   “I strongly believe that The Caux Scholars Program will provide me with the necessary tools to work for peace and to resolve the problem Edward Said describes as the ‘clash of ignorance’ that is reflected in the conflicts of the world today.”  He enjoys work, where he can demonstrate leadership and creativity,loves philosophy  and all sports, especially table tennis.