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David Ruffin

David is from Virginia in the US, and did his undergraduate training at Northwestern in Chicago.  He spent several years working as an actor in New York, most recently with the Broadway Tour of the musical, Grease. He is currently studying at Harvard Divinity School, following a calling to ministry within the Unitarian Universalist tradition, and hoping to harness the power of the arts for personal transformation. Melding his passion for theater and social change, he’s recently worked with two exciting theatrical projects: The Dead Man Walking Project and The Prometheus Project, the former at Harvard and the later with Amnesty International and the American Repertory Theatre. In 2005 David participated in the IofC Action/USA venture and last summer traveled with the Gandhi Voyage. “My association with IofC brought inspiring individuals of every color and creed into my life and heart before I was old enough to imagine it otherwise. This has absolutely formed me into who I am today and the unique integrity and commitment of this community continues to hold my deepest admiration.” David enjoys music, hiking, reading, playing frisbee, eating and drinking and good conversation with friends.