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Fissha Tesfaye

Fissha Tesfaye graduated from Bahir Dar University Law School in 2006.  While attending he was President of the Law Students Union and served as head of the Student Union General Assembly.  He has worked on the Anti Corruption and Anti AIDS movements on campus and participated in the National Moot Court competition, representing his university.  From his experience growing up in a small town in Northern Ethiopia, he feels that the courts in Ethiopia are not accessible to those in rural areas and have difficulty in helping to solve conflict.  He would like to work on the grassroots local conflict resolution mechanisms, coming from a multi-ethnic background himself.  He believes that in attending CSP, he will gain “knowledge about conflict management which will help me to take part in local conflict resolution efforts and to make a wide range study on different indigenous conflict management systems, specifically in political conflicts which are now becoming abundant between different ethnic groups in Ethiopia.”  Fissha is passionate about political literature and political discussions.  He continues to write articles for newspapers and participates in community service.  He enjoys theatre and football.