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Imad Karam

Imad is a 35-year-old Palestinian, originally from Gaza, living in the UK. He’s got a PhD on the impact of the media on Arab youth identity—a key to understanding current events. He was in Egypt when the unrest started and has been there more recently. Imad grew up in Gaza and studied English at university in Gaza; then worked as an English language editor for a daily newsletter. He won a scholarship to do postgraduate studies in media and communications in London. Working with For the Love of Tomorrow Films(FLTfilms), Imad co-produced the award winning film The Imam and the Pastor, the story of reconciliation between Imam Mohammed Ashafa and Pastor James Wuye from Nigeria. Imad’s Arabic version of the movie was broadcast by Al-Jazeera. He is seeking inspiration about the kind of programme or initiative that would help and give a vision to the Middle East and the Arab region. He is currently Head of Communications at IofC UK.