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Marianne Spreng

Marianne was born in in Bern, Switzerland and has studied in Bern, Montreux and Lausanne, as well as at the Interpreters’ School at the University of Geneva. She speaks German, French, English and Italian. She has worked with Initiatives of Change in Germany, the UK, Croatia, India, Sri Lanka, returning to each of these countries for several stays of several months/years. She has also participated in organising seminars/conferences in Eritrea, Bosnia, Ukraine and more recently Egypt.

Currently, Marianne serves as the Head of the Department “International Relations” of the Foundation CAUX-Initiatives of Change and a member of the “Caux Preparation Group” coordinating the Caux Conferences, the annual schedule and programs in team-work with the international conference teams and program organisers. She is responsible for rentals in Caux outside conference time (Villa Maria), which entails organising events in partnership with NGOs and Swiss Government Departments and Agencies working in the field of conflict prevention, dialogue and Human Security. She also assists IofC International with contacts in international organisations and the UN. Previously, she has served as Secretary of the Council of the Foundation, Head of the Foundation’s Finance Committee, Member of the Council of the Foundation, Chief-Editor of the Foundation’s German language monthly CAUX-Information and a member of the Management Team, in charge of Communications/Objectives & Development at the Foundation CAUX-Initiatives of Change.