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Erik Parsons

Erik is a communications consultant and graphic designer for Initiatives of Change International. He designed sites such as http://www.iofc.org and the original http://www.cauxforum.net and was a founding editor of Global Express magazine (1994-96). A songwriter and music producer, Erik recorded his first independent CD, Atonic, in 1996. Two CDs with Canopy followed in 1998 and 2001. His 'day job' at this time was in corporate graphic design and marketing. Erik's interests include experimental asian-inspired cooking for guests, the art and activism of Brian Eno and U2, the thinking of C.G. Jung, human rights in Burma, science fiction, and sculpting musical atmospheres. He has a B.A. in Philosophy, Media Studies and Music. A native of Melbourne, Australia, Erik now lives in Stockholm, Sweden with his Moldovan wife Cristina.