Institute for Conflict Transfornation and Peacebuilding

Social sector

Mission and Objectives The right method does not exist. Only the right conflict does. The former always has to adapt to the latter. Our comprehensive approach is based on interdisciplinary practice and research in the areas of international peace and conflict research, critical systems theory, culture and communication studies, political psychology, group psychotherapy and others. In cooperation with internationally renowned institutions, universities, researchers and practitioners we continuously develop our services and contribute to the area of conflict transformation and peacebuilding.   Our objectives are: Peacebuilding on individual and societal level; Promotion of non-violent conflict transformation; Promotion of conflict sensitive approaches in international development cooperation; Prevention of violence; Support to people afflicted by conflicts both home and abroad; Assistance of reconciliation processes, especially after violence; Development of cultures and structures that promote peaceful fulfillment of the human basic needs; Integration of diverse theories, approaches and methods of conflict transformation and peacebuilding.