Egyptian Foundation for Refugee Rights (EFRR)

Background on the Organization
The Egyptian Foundation for Refugee Rights (EFRR) is a non-governmental organization since mid-2008. The EFRR currently provides legal assistance to refugees and migrants who are in detention and who find themselves the victims of crime (both from private individuals and public officials). The EFRR also acts as counsel to groups of refugees seeking to organize community-based organizations (CBOs) and to existing refugee CBOs when they encounter problems with the Egyptian government. The EFRR is the only organization providing these services in Egypt.

Programs and services provided by the organization

*Educational services and scholarships
Educate refugees in Egypt, Egyptian lawyers, non-governmental organizations, Egyptian government officials, journalists in Egypt, the Egyptian public and others about the rights of refugees in Egypt.

*Livelihood support services 
advocate for the enjoyment by refugees in Egypt of their rights and other benefits fundamental to their basic human dignity.

*Legal Aid
Provide assistance to individual refugees and groups of refugees in domestic and international legal proceedings designed to secure the enjoyment of their rights in Egypt.
The EFRR is a member of the Southern Refugee Legal Aid Network (an international network of legal aid organizations providing assistance to refugees in the Global South) and the International Detention Coalition (an international network of NGOs seeking to reduce the detention of migrants and refugees).

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