Sons of Fur Charity Association

Background on the Organization

The Sons of Fur Charity is a community center for the Sudanese community from Darfur in Egypt. Darfurian refugees in Arab Republic of Egypt are suffering from shortage of medical services and access to education and housing problems. Many refugees go through the difficult economic and living conditions. Sons of Fur Charity Association address these problems. The association started its activity in the service for refugee in 2008 and it cooperates with other organizations that work in the service of refugees. The association provides education opportunities for young people of both genders to reduce illiteracy rates. It also offers opportunities for rehabilitation to groups of young people to raise awareness and develop their cognitive abilities. Through education their aim is to fight poverty and illiteracy. They also try to create job opportunities for graduates and educated people.


Programs and services provided by the organization

* Financial Aid
Shelter and Housing Support ,Material Assistance

* Psychological and social services
Psychosocial Assistance

* Livelihood support services
Activities, Courses and Workshops ,Protection, Vocational Trainings

* Legal Aid
Legal Counseling for Refugee Status Determination


Sunday - Saturday: 10:00 am-11:00 pm


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