Salam Institute for Peace and Justice

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Social sector
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Non Governmental Association
Salam Institute is an NGO for research, education, & practice on issues related to conflict resolution, nonviolence, human rights and interfaith dialogue.
Founded by a group of academicians and practitioners in the field of conflict resolution, peace studies, Islamic cultural studies, and international development, the Salam Institute aims to:
  • Provide scholarly and professional knowledge and expertise to governmental and non-governmental organizations and individuals on various dimensions of political, socio-cultural, religious, and economic aspects of conflicts in Islamic context;
  • the knowledge base of Islamic models for conflict resolution and peace among practitioners, academicians, and policy makers;
  • Further the inter-religious dialogue among Muslims and non-Muslims in Western and non-Western societies, as well as promote an action orientation towards peace and justice among the different communities;
  • Advance the integration of local traditions and values in areas of peace, conflict resolution and development; and,
  • Explore, develop, and utilize resources in Muslim communities to contribute to peacebuilding and development efforts in various conflict areas in the world.