DUF (Danish Youth Council)

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Social sector
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International Organization

Ever since its founding in 1940, DUF has been an experiment in democracy. It is by no means an easy experiment, but guided by a constant desire to develop DUF as well as our member organisations, we continue to promote the rights and possibilities of children and young people. In this vocation we believe that debate and experimentation are crucial tools.

Apart from its national commitment DUF is engaged in international activities in South and Southeastern Europe as well as in developing countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Our objective is to strengthen the capacity and democratic structures of organisations in developing countries that work with the social conditions and opportunities of children and young people.

DUF does not carry out developing projects on its own, but through financial support we encourage Danish children and youth organisations to engage in international work. As a result quite a few of our member organisations carry out work in developing countries that enhance the living conditions and opportunities for children and young people in poor countries.