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Private sector
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Who we are ?

GebRaa is an authentic Egyptian social enterprise based in cairo , it was founded in 2008 to market and export Egyptian handicraft , linking marginalized artisan to the global market . we have always been fascinated by our ancient history and our rich culture , the word GebRaa is a creative fusion of the names of the ancient god of the earth “Geb” and the ancient god of the sun “Raa”.


What we do ?

GebRaa’s mission is to protect the traditional Egyptian crafts that are about to disappear, those handmade green organic sustainable products with a rich heritage behind them; we empower the artisans and help them develop their crafts in order to lead sustainable livelihoods; enhance their societal status and encourage young people to take up these trades, thereby preserving cultural heritage and providing skills and income to marginalized rural communities.


What’s so special about us , why GebRaa?

GebRaa focuses mainly on the two authentic crafts that Egypt has the highest competitive advantage at (wood inlaid with mother of pearl and Egyptian patchwork).We rely on a very large network of artisans across the country; as well as relying on other supporting networks across different fields, this support comes as a result of our enjoyment of high quality standards, excellent reputation and the trust of others.