Founded Year: 
Social sector

Rasheed22 is a family-friendly coworking space with a mission: to offer the place & community needed for making things happen - for meaningful gatherings and work.

We are for those who like to think outside the box, and do see and care for the 'bigger picture'.

We are here to serve (social) innovators and other hands-on entrepreneurs, who are tired of 'living' in coffeeshops due to lack of own space.

We provide space for meeting, working, learning, innovating and connecting; containing all the facilities needed to cultivate an idea, launch a project, host a meeting and run a business; dedicated to inspiring and supporting enterprising and imaginative initiatives for a radically better world (and starting right where we are).

1. DROP-IN (for individuals)
EGP 10/hour or EGP 50/day, including access to wireless (4mbps) & landline.
To reserve space for an event/meeting, please request an individual offer (we price depending on what you need, for how long, with how many people, etc etc).
Prices start from EGP 50 (half-day without any additional equipment or service) up to EGP 500 (full day use of appropriate space incl. basic presentation equipment for up to 20 pax).

2. CONSUMPTION: For coffee, tea, photocopies and printing and whatever else you consume (and thus needs to be replaced/refilled/recharged/paid for), we kindly ask you to contribute as per consumption. The 'contribution box' is on the coffee & tea table. Please feed it, thank you!

3. FOOD and refreshments: You may bring your own and/or use the kitchen to cook.

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