Founded Year: 
Social sector
Entity Type: 
Non Governmental Foundation

Educate-Me is a registered Egyptian non-profit foundation (registration number 8418) that was founded in June 2010 and aspires to redefine education in Egypt. Educate-Me started as a fundraising effort to reinstate financially underprivileged children back to school, but after concluding that public education is insufficient, Educate-Me moved towards developing its own learner-centered educational approach. Through a grass-roots community-based and community-driven model, Educate-Me serves underprivileged communities with a vision of giving every child the knowledge, skills and attitudes that enables him to have the freedom and opportunity to aspire to his dreams.

Our Programs
Educate-Me adopts a holistic community education approach that’s designed to accommodate the different needs and interests of impoverished communities. We currently serve El Konayyesa neighbourhood in Giza through our community development center, where we offer the following programs:
- Early childhood education program (4-7 year olds, 2 years long), currently serving 30 children.
- Non-formal after-school program (7-14 year olds, 6 years long), currently serving 70 children.
- Youth and adult education program (15+ year olds, 2 years long), currently serving 20 mothers.
- Formal education scholarship program (7-14 year olds), has provided a total of 700 scholarships.

Our Philosophy
Educate-Me believes that children are naturally born learners who can learn best through indulging their curiosities. That development is not about memorising curricula and scoring in standardised assessments; but rather about being able to fulfil your own dreams and aspirations and live the life you want, which only happens when you are given the very simple opportunity to choose.

At Educate-Me, children are encouraged to think about their purpose and goals. Instead of them being reactive students who learn a prescribed curriculum, they are asked to choose what they want to learn among the several academic and on academic options that Educate-Me provides, and encouraged come up with their own projects if necessary. Through taking responsibility for their learning and practicing the habit of choice, children’s internal motivation for learning becomes the fuel for their development.

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